Post information on games you are selling or looking for, and any offers you have seen.

Vendors:   These links are provided for information only: Club members have found them to be useful, but the club has no association with them.


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  1. Dan Bate says:

    Since it seems like the popular thing to do:

    Exit The abandoned cabin – if anyone wants it they can have it for free: played through but everything is erased, should be replayable

    Dead of winter: like new
    Arkham horror: like new
    Between two cities: like new
    Star Munchkin: like new
    Maximum throwdown: like new
    Monty Python Fluxx: like new
    Los aprendices: like new
    Epic spell wars of the battle wizards: rumble at castle tentakill: Like new
    The hen commandments: Like new

    Sake and Samurai: Good, slight damage to the rules leaflet
    Cards agains humanity: good, missing rules leaflet
    Lord of the rings, The confrontation: good, slight shelf damage
    Zombies!!!: good, slight box damage
    Zombies!!! 7, send in the clowns: good, slight box damage
    Last night on earth: good, some box damage
    Boss monster: good, Slight box damage
    Three cheers for the master: good, like new

    Fury of dracula, second edition: acceptable, slight box damage, missing some reference cards, slight rule book damage
    Ingenious: acceptable, box damage but all components are in good condition

    Also if anyone is interested I have a bunch of marvel hero clix and MTG.

  2. David Kuling says:

    I’ve got a few games I’d like to pass on.

    £5 each:
    One Night Revolution (one slightly kinked card)
    Spyfall (Fully sleeved, but without baggies)
    Mayday! Mayday!
    Skyline 3000
    Hostage Negotiator
    Impulse (First edition)
    Assel Schlamassel
    Pocket Mars

    Magic Maze
    One Deck Dungeon
    Villages of Valeria

  3. Dan M says:

    I’m also having a clear out. I’ve attached a link to my Google doc showing the games I’ve got for sale and their prices.

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