Post information on games you are selling or looking for, and any offers you have seen.

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  1. John says:

    At the Gates of Loyang £35.
    Only played a couple of times. I Like most of Uwe Rosenberg games but this one just not for me.

  2. Ian M says:

    No so much a sales post but relates to “Eclipse 2nd Edition” for those without all the extra’s.

    Lautapelit offer fixed shipping costs (€27) on the mini expansions which are *not* going to retail (i.e. everything other than the playmat). These items have just been announced as a pre-order shipping end of January 2022.

    Extra Dice Pack – £6.78
    Galactic Events – £6.78
    Minor Species – £5.42
    Reference Sheets – £6.78
    Rift Cannon – £6.78
    Score Pad – £6.78
    Ship Stands – £6.78
    Terran Ships – £20.38
    Turn Order – £5.42

    If anyone wants to go in on these with me to save on postage let me know. If needed we can also look at add on some of the other items.

  3. John says:

    The Climbers original edition. Unplayed and in mint condition. £30.

    A 7 Wonders bundle looking for a new home.
    Everything is 1st Edition.
    Base game – grandson liked playing with the cardboard coins so I’ve substituted with wooden discs, small bronze and large black. All the cards are sleeved.

    Leaders expansion.

    Cities expansion which is unplayed and unpunched.

    Babel expansion which is also unplayed and unpunched.

    Also includes the Wonder Pack, Catan Pack, and the Leader cards Louie and Stevie.

    £45 the lot.

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