Tournament draw

Example of last Tournament below.  This will be updated for 2022 once this starts.

.                                         Group I       Group II      Group III    Group IV

Alhambra                     ABCD          EFGH            IJKL             MNOP

Lewis & Clark            AEIM           BFJN             CGKO           DHLP

Clans of Caled.          AFKP            BELO            CHIN            DGJM    

Stockpile                    AGLN           BHKM           CEJP              DFIO

Shipyard                     AHJO           BGIP              CFLM            DEKN

A. Ed, B. Robin. C. David-H, D. Martin, E. Brian, F. David-K, G. Karen, H. Ian, I. Olly, J. Paul-T, K. James, L. Paul-D, M. Andrew,  N. Dan-B, O. Dan-M,  P. Richard

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