Picture Quiz I

This is the first in an occasional series. Can you identify the game and seven things that are wrong in this picture.  They range from quite simple to seriously difficult even if you know the game quite well.  [The answer is now at the bottom of the page, so don't scroll to the bottom, until you are ready to see the solution.]



The game is Brass, and the errors are:

1. No Shipyard is possible in Birkenhead without a rail link from Ellesmere Port.   2. It is the Rail phase, so the level-1 shipyard should have been removed from Liverpool.  3.  The port on Preston should be placed on the Port symbol, not on the Port/Mill position it currently occupies. 4. The level-2 coal mine on Wigan has too many coal units on it.  5. With the iron track empty, the iron on the iron-works at Bolton, should have been transferred to the iron track.  6. In the Rail phase, the canal link from Manchester to Bolton should have been removed.  7. The exhausted coal mine in Manchester should be flipped.

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