We have now finished the tournament league games for this year - the final scores for  Panamax are given below. If you link through to the league table you will see that our finalists are Steve, Ed, Dan and Bill, with Steve choosing what game will be played in the final.

The final Brass,  will be played on December 6th.

Group I   Daniel-M  103, Jess 85, Paul-T  77, Anthony 61

Group II   Ed 99,  Paul-J  95, Dan-Br  88,  Olly 79

Group III  Bill 87, Andy  63,  David-K  45,  Paul-D 45

Group IV  Robin 102,  Steve 100, James 89, Brian 80

Group V Dan-Ba. 95, David-H 92, Ian  92, David-M 79

See the League Table, scoring system and the Tournament Draw.

Tournament results for 2012, 2013, 201420152016 and 2017.

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