Our next game is Agricola  and the groups are listed below: Would the first person in each group please arrange a suitable date for your game aiming to complete by July 4th.

I.    Dan-B,  Robin, David-K,  Andy

II.  Dan-M, Jess, James,  Brian

III.   Richard, Ian, Paul-D, Ed  [June 27th]

IV.  David-M, Keith,  David-H, Olly [June 20th]

V.  Bill,  Paul-T,  Kenny, Steve

Let me know when you have chosen a date, so I can post it here. We will play the original version of Agricola without expansions.

Rules adjustment:  The following cards are considered overpowered and should be removed from the starting decksOccupations: Braggart, Ratcatcher, Chamberlain, Lover, Taster and Wet Nurse. Minor Improvements: Wooden hut and  Reed hut.

See the League Table, scoring system and the Tournament Draw.

Tournament results for 2012, 2013, 201420152016 , 2017 and 2018.

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