The third round of the tournament is Tikal. Scores are given below. As we are running a little late on this round, I will be circulating for the 4th round games very soon.

Note that we will be playing the ‘standard’ version, where tiles are auctioned.

Group I  Anthony 98, Ian 87, James 83, David-K 81

Group II  Robin 96, Paul-J 92, Olly 87, Paul-D 81

Group III  David-M 121, Bill (NPC) 111,  Andy 103, Paul-T 86, [David-H  could not attend]

Group IV  Brian 120, Dan Ba. 97, Dan Br 95,  Jess 72.

Group V   Steve,  Ed,  Daniel-M,  Bill (July 19th)

See the League Table, scoring system and the Tournament Draw.

Tournament results for 2012, 2013, 201420152016 and 2017.

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