Picture Quiz IV

Number four in an occasional series.  How many of the games shown here do you recognise and can you see how they are all linked – the one in the middle is the master-clue. The solution is now at the bottom of the page, so don’t scroll there until you are ready to know the answers.




The central game is ‘Orient Express’ (Box cover) and the clues around the outside are to places visited by the Orient Express on either its Northern or Southern route. They include: Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective (London), Joan of Arc (showing Calais and Paris) Vienna (Box cover, bottom left) Strasbourg (Box cover, top right), Serenissima (= Venice), Budapest 45 (Box cover, panzer), Ticket to Ride; Europe (Budapest -> Sofia ticket) and finally Istanbul. [Bill got the right answer - Orient Express, and identified 7/9 clues - very good detective work]

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