League Table

2022 Tournament Table

Scoring system for the league is:

4-player game  11, 7, 4, 2.     3-player game   10, 6, 2.    5-player game 12, 8, 5, 3, 2.   If there is no tie-breaker on a game then the points are split. If a game is short of a player, because someone cannot make it at the last moment, then there are 3-options by mutual agreement of the others:  1. Reschedule.  2. Play as a 3-player game.  3. Pull in any other club member (non-scoring) and play as a 4-player game.

* If it proves impossible to arrange a mutually convenient date for a game,  then one player may take a bye for that round and score 2pts (one bye per player p.a). Alternatively, if there is a spare place in another tournament game and all players on that game agree, then someone who cannot play in their own game may take the spare place and score as normal.

If someone cannot make their game, after the date has been agreed they score 0pts.

The winner of the league chooses the final game from the 5-league games, which will be between the top-4 players in the league. [If needed, any tie-break of the league will be on the positions in the game(s) where the tied players were playing each other.]

For an explanation of the Scoring system, see this link.

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