Tournament scoring system

Example of last Tournament below.  This will be updated for 2022 once this starts.

For anyone that is interested the rationale for the tournament scoring system is as follows.

There are 6pts for each player in a game:  5-player 30pts, 4-player 24pts, 3-player 18pts. This means that there is no overall advantage for playing in a smaller group.

The points distribution (12-8-5-3-2; 11-7-4-2; 10-6-2) is intended to encourage players to go for a win – for example, 1st and 3rd place in two successive 4-player games give 15pts whereas two 2nd places gives 14pts. It has the added benefit of spacing out the scores when all games are completed, which means that it is less likely that a tie-break of the league will be needed.

There are always 2pts for the last place. This is to discourage players from dropping out, even if they don’t like the game or think they have no chance. There are 0 pts if a player drops out after a date has been agreed.

Following discussion in 2015 it was agreed that 5pts for a bye was too generous, and 2pts, (the same as a last place) was appropriate, but this must be agreed beforehand, and is intended for when someone just cannot fit in a suitable date over the 2 month period.

The general idea is to make the tournament an option for as many of the club members as possible.


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