Picture Quiz VI

Number 6 in an occasional series, and another - Timeline.

Each of the pictures below comes from a game that is set in a particular time.  Arrange the games/characters in chronological order (oldest first).  Take the initial letter of each of the 6 games it will give you the name of another game. What is that hidden game, for which there is no picture clue?  The solution is now given at the bottom of the page, so don’t scroll down until you are ready to know the answers.

I  received the first correct answer from Nigel, and  a complete solution from Bill.


The hidden game is SCYTHE :

Sword of Rome  Box cover – Roman Republic  ~250BC

Concordia   Box cover –  Roman Empire  ~100AD

Yedo  Box cover – Shogun Tokugawa  ~1590

Through the Ages   Card art – J.S.Bach ~1730

History of the World 2nd edn Box cover – Napoleon  ~1800

Empire of the Sun  Card art – Emperor Hirohito ~1942


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