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This page has notes on games played recently at the club. Please add a few comments or a short session report on anything you found interesting. If you have not visited us before,  this page will give you an idea of the type of games we play.

Jun 10th 2021 – 4 Tables this week.  Not even the great weather could keep our gamers away.

On my table we played Rococo Deluxe Edition with Anthony and Dan.  Game is based in France around the time Louis XV reigned.  We are all fashion designers displaying our garments in Grand Balls.  Think Great British Sewing Bee but in ye olde times.  Dan won but was his game so we think he cheated :)

Also played, Orleans, played by Dan B, John, Kieth and Grahame, Tekhenu, with David K, Stuart, Andy and Andrew.

Final table I did not not the game but we had Brian, Adel, Steve and Robin.


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June 3rd 2021 - Another great week with several tables booked and all with good numbers on each table.  I played a game of Smartphone Inc with Paul, Robin and Dave.  Its a great little game that actually plays a lot quicker than you think.  Each player is a smartphone manufacturer who needs to balance the production with logistics, research and expansion.

On other tables we had Eclipse (which was done in the night!), War of the Whispers (played twice) and Hansa Teutonica.


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May 20th 2021 – A great reopening of the club this week! We had two tables of four and three tables of three. Originally it had been planned for four tables of four but with one extra person without a game we happily re-shuffled to get everyone playing. I played Pan Am with Ian and James. This by all accounts should be quite a quick game but the three of us are far to ruthless to allow anyone to get easy points! We ended on a really close finish James on 18, myself and Ian on 19 with Ian taking the win on the tie break of most money. He had one left and I had none!

On the other tables we had Belfort, Barrage, Brass and finally Viscounts of the West Kingdom.

I hear that Dan M played an interesting game of Barrage, only really producing power in the last round and still clinching the victory!

Meanwhile the table playing Viscounts had such fun playing it badly they are going to do a repeat play the following week to try and improve their scores!

Our first night of taking contactless payments was a great success, although the thick walls of the building meant lots of loitering near the windows to get signal!


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October 22nd We had another go at Merchants & Marauders this week, and again did not quite manage to finish in the time available. For some games the lack of an extra 30 minutes and the absolute requirement to leave at 10PM is limiting. I think Eclipse probably also falls into this category. If there is enough spare space, it might be better to limit these games to 3-players while current time constraints prevail – then I think there would be a good chance to complete the game. That said, the game we played was very combative with lots of narrow escapes and ship-to-ship engagements, including a successful boarding. My capn’s log tells me that Tzolk’inBonfire and Orleans were also played, even though I did not get off the quarterdeck all evening to visit the other tables.

October 15th 5-tables again this week. A few people have mentioned to me that this is their one outing each week, so I hope we will be able to continue for a while. In our room there was Coloma, a Euro-style game based on the Californian gold-rush which centred around this boom-town. It is thematically quite strong, with a number of ways of accumulating points and the necessity to club together occasionally to see off the bandits (Game of Thrones motif). Our table started with Alien Frontiers with a very close final round where any of 3-players could land their last colony if the dice rolled well for them. We finished with Azul. In the other room, I noticed Glenmore, Castles of Burgundy and Root.

October 8th Full house again with all 20-places taken – I think with fewer social activities available at present, we do give an opportunity for people to meet up in a safe environment and it helps keep the Legion running too. The relatively new arrival was Pacific Rails, and also in the bar-room there was Inis and Concordia. Our group got going with Automobile, which fitted well into our slightly shorter evening. This was an interestingly different game with very fast development of the car factories and luxury car production on the first round. After this there was consolidation with lots of car dealers out and neither a boom nor a bust car market. The fifth table played Shipyard, and there were several other light games happening at the end of the evening. Just a reminder that we have to wear face coverings when entering or moving about in the building, so please make sure you bring one (unless exempt).

October 1st This week we had 5-tables and all fully booked by Monday.  With slightly less time available than usual we did not quite manage to finish our game of Merchants & Marauders. This always takes a while with new players as  the rules explanation and set-up need ~30mins and there are a mass of options available, so the first few moves go slowly. We were ratcheting along at a good speed by the time we finished and probably just needed another 15 minutes. for someone to get the 10pts needed to win. This time I did introduce the wind-vane and the on-board storm option, which adds no more time to the game but does give opportunities and problems for the navigation (recommended). It was eventful with two ships sunk and some exciting escapes by pirates from the naval vessels. This is a game for players that like the experience and are prepared to take risks, since the best-laid plans are  often thrown to the winds or scuppered by an unexpected encounter with the authorities. I did not get to circulate, but noticed Belfort, Wingspan and Chinatown. On the next table there was something I did not recognise with an obelisk in the middle of the board  -  Tec..?

September 24th Undaunted by the new regulations, we again had 4-tables in the two downstairs rooms, and most players were looking a little more inscrutable than usual in a variety of stylish masks. I would like to thank everyone for being so careful in following the new requirements and supporting the Legion too. Our table spent most of the evening playing Bootleggers, making moonshine and running it to the speakeasies. Interestingly, this was the first time I have ever seen someone win (Dan) mostly by taking control of the speakeasies and creaming off the profit – hardly bothering to make any whisky. We had time at the end of the evening (now closing at 10:00) for Azul. On other tables I saw Raiders of the North Sea and Cytosis.  I think the 4th group had settled on Concordia.

September 17th We again had four full tables and we could still accommodate one more. There is a suggestion from Robin that people who are not too fussed about exactly which game they play, could take a spare table  sign in for that group and then sort out what is played on Thursday afternoon. This week our group fitted in two games of Endeavor, which is short and relatively simple but always difficult to play well. I failed woefully, mostly because it is necessary to keep a close eye on other player boards as well as the main map-board if one is not to give too much away.  We finished the evening with Azul. There was a return match with Paladins of the West Kingdom in the back room and on other tables I saw Navegador and Tapestry.

September 10th We are now back to 5-tables distributed across 3 rooms and I am pleased to report that our current arrangements of well-separated tables with 4-players in a covid-secure community facility do comply with the new regulations. However I now get to circulate relatively little, so am just reporting the games that were arranged for the evening. It was good to see John and Dan again – they played Architects of the West Kingdom. On other tables were Macao and Heaven & Ale. A new arrival was Lignum, which appeared to be progressing slowly when I left. Our group started with Victory or Death; the Peloponnesian War and we followed on with Azul and Love Letter.

August 27th Again we had two tables of three and two with four players. Downstairs they played A Feast for Odin and a variety of games on the other table. Upstairs, we had Cuba with the El Presidente expansion. I have always thought that standard Cuba was a bit short with only 6 rounds, but the expansion adds an extra two rounds and some simple additions – extra cards which can be chosen by anyone and affect what the president enacts – which add a bit of variety without much complication. As always it was very close at the end. Robin had very sportingly detached himself from our group to make up numbers on Terra Mystica with the Merchants of the Sea expansion, on the 4th table.

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