Games Day

You can use this page to propose games or find players for the Games Day. To start a new thread post a message in the box at the bottom of the page. To reply to someone else, first hit the ‘reply’ button beneath their message. If you cannot take up your booked place, let the organiser know so it can be released for someone else.


  • £5 Fee for the day.
  • Drink Available all day.  Food maybe available but can be brought on site if not.

Please book in on a specific table.

Other Games People are Bringing. (Names next to games indicate interest)


  • Panamax*
  • Vinhos
  • Lignum
  • Indonesia – Michel
  • Merchants & Marauders – Paul T, David

Paul T

  • Tapestry – Robin
  • Clank!
  • Terraforming Mars (original or Ares expedition) – Robin
  • La Granja – Robin

David W

  • Fury of Dracula (3rd Edition)
  • Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island
  • Root

1st Session

Table 1 [Upstairs] -

Table 2 [Upstairs] – James, Dan M, [SPARE], [SPARE] – Liberty or Death

Table 3 [Upstairs] – John, Dan, Tonksey, Keith, Graham - Merchant’s Cove

Table 4 [Upstairs] – Sam, Michel, Simon - Churchill 

Table 5 [Downstairs Round] - David K, David M, Ian (to bring Mat and Exp), David A, Anthony - Eclipse

Table 6 [Downstairs] -

2nd Session

Table 1 [Upstairs] – David M, Paul T, Robin, [SPACE] - Merchants and Mauraders

Table 2 [Upstairs] - David W, Simon, Sam, Cathy, [SPACE] - Fury of Dracula

Table 3 [Upstairs] -

Table 4 [Upstairs] -

Table 5 [Downstairs Round] -

Table 6 [Downstairs] -


  1. Ian
  2. David K
  3. David M
  4. James
  5. Dan M
  6. Olly
  7. Robin
  8. Michel
  9. John
  10. Dan
  11. Tonksey
  12. Keith
  13. Sam
  14. David A
  15. Paul T
  16. Simon
  17. Andy W (Ian M Guest)
  18. Cathy W (Ian M Guest)
  19. James W (Ian M Guest)

Point Salad Entrants

  1. Ian
  2. Paul T
  3. John
  4. Dan
  5. David K
  6. Keith
  7. Simon
  8. James
  9. Dan M
  10. ED


Liberty or Death
The game is a card driven game using mixture of area control and action selection mechanisms. Each side is asymmetric in terms of available actions and win conditions.

Think a card driven version of Root with the theme of the American Insurrection.

Well worth a go if you have not experienced this kind of game before and even better if you have!

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10 Responses to Games Day

  1. Anthony Evans says:

    I’m sure I’m missing something really obvious since nobody else has asked this, but what time are doors opening/people getting there for? :)

  2. Ian M says:

    Just to confirm food is available to order at the Legion tomorrow

  3. Dan M says:

    Ed has joined James and myself for a game of Brotherhood & Unity. It’s a three player only game so it’s now full.

  4. Ian says:

    I have updated and removed comments. Let me know if anything incorrect.

    I have also added one of my guests (Cathy) to Fury of Dracula if that’s ok?

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