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Games Day 22nd August

A great day and turnout once again so thank you all for making this happen and worthwhile.

My table were playing both Nemesis Lockdown and Lord of Hellas for the day / evening.  What a thematic day that was.

Nemesis was first up straight away we had Aliens turning up pretty early.  Unfortunately they turned up near David and Richard.  With a valiant effort they eventua

Michael managed to get in to some sort of mech armour and with that happily stomped his was out of the base with a big grin on his face.lly took care of them but not without sufferings some early damage.  Never fear though as I knew where the surgery was.  Sadly it was too far away from them and they quick succumbed to their injuries.

Myself and Anthony left to try and make it out alive however the base eventually blew up due to malfunctions.  So victory to Michael?  Well not quite.  The contingency the company has has to be considered.  Was Michael expendable to the company ….. Yep.  The company plan was to kill everyone who knew too much.  He did !

Lord of Hellas was Next.  Michael fresh from defeat was not going to lose again!.  I had an early region victory in my grasp but that was quickly noted and put to bed.

Michael once again claimed victory with 5 temple regions ….wait what’s that.  He had not built a temple in one of them.  That’s a shame.  Lets make sure anyhow and attack him :)

David played a very good game and hung on to a usurp token in the region where the monument was built to take victory.

Review from Robin below:

For Brian and anyone else who’s interested, here’s a review of the 1830 game that we played on Games Day.

2 of us – me and Dan-B – were completely new to 18xx games, while Paul and Dan-M had some prior experience, and Dave-E was a relative veteran. This was to become relevant as the game played out, though not in the way we expected…

For anyone in my category, these are games about building railways, running trains, and making money from shares in your – and other – railway companies on the stock market. Dave had trailed this particular 18xx game to me as a “brutal” game of screwing others over, though in the end most of the brutality was less direct.

I think the outcome of the game mostly came down to the middle phase, known as the “train rush”, in which many of the early trains become obsolete and need to be replaced by expensive new ones in order for the companies to continue operating. When this happens, as company president, you have two options: squeeze all the money you can out of the company and then sell out, leaving an insolvent shell in the hands of an unsuspecting new president; or withhold dividends to invest in new trains that will be nice and profitable for the rest of the game. Either way, the one who times it perfectly will likely be the winner.

Forewarned about the “screw-you-over” element of the game, I was jittery and sold out early, as did Dan-M. We then had to watch the others raking in the profits while we rebuilt with new investments. This was bad, but not nearly as bad as leaving it too late, which is what happened to Paul and Dave. Left with companies with no working trains, they had to liquidate shares to prop them up. Dave in particular, left with 2 such companies (one of which he’d bought when Dan-M sold out), was very nearly bankrupted, but somehow managed to bring it back from the brink.

The upshot was a result exactly ordered by experience, with those of us who’d never played before 1st (Dan-B) and 2nd (me); followed by Dan-M, Paul and Dave. The scores seemed quite widely dispersed, though I can see how just a subtle difference in the middle of the game could easily have reversed the positions.

From my first try of an 18xx, I would say I really liked this game. The only obvious downside is that the climax was in the middle: it would work better if it was at the end. As it was, after the “train rush” bit, it was fairly clear that Dan was going to win, while Paul and Dave had to play out the rest of the game knowing that they were already out of it.

Other than that, it was great. The thematic realism, combined with the frequent small “successes” of receiving dividends, made it very enjoyable even over the 7 hours that we took. And there’s a strong co-operative element (joining forces to start new companies, helping another player so that they in turn can screw over someone else) so, along with the backstabbing, no shortage of player interaction. I would really like to play it again.

Thanks for another great Games Day, everyone!

Games Played

Die Macher
1830: Railways & Robber Barons
Space Empires 4x
Ark Nova
Nemesis Lockdown

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  1. Brian says:

    Can we stop arranging these all-day gaming sessions on the same days as family birthdays so I can start joining. How was the 18xx game? I have been playing quite a bit of 18xx online for the last 6 months and would have jumped at the chance to play if I could have attended this session.

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