Games this week

You can use this page to propose games or find players for Thursday evening. To start a new thread post a message in the box at the bottom of the page. To reply to someone else, first hit the ‘reply’ button beneath their message. Please let us know if you expect to arrive after 7:15, so we can keep a place for you.

Steve,  David-K, Kenny and Bill are all looking for a game of Great Western Trail – can someone please bring in a copy.

There are now three of us for Fire and Axe, so that will be going ahead with 1 or 2 places still available.


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3 Responses to Games this week

  1. Martin Lloyd says:

    Hi David, I would be up for Fire & Axe.

  2. David says:

    Would anyone like to play Fire and Axe: a Viking saga this week. You are a group of Vikings exploring, pillaging and settling across a map that extends from Newfoundland to Constantinople. The winner is the person who accumulates most loot, settlements and prestige by completing sagas. The rules are fairly light (easily explained) and the game is loosely based on the historical spread of the Viking culture. It takes 3-5 players and most of the evening. Let me know if you would like to captain your own longship.

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