Games this week

We have now reopened for club members who have booked a game.

Currently there will  only be 5-tables in the two front rooms downstairs. No more than 4 people per game.

Games for the next games-night (only) must be arranged using this page so we know who is coming in. We have a maximum of 20-players, so please do not turn-up on the off-chance.


  • Play with the same group throughout the evening.
  • You must wear a mask when entering or moving around in the building . We strongly encourage you to continue wearing your mask when playing.
  • Sit back from the table when you can. Maintain distance.
  • Hand sanitiser will be on each table – use it before you start playing a game, and during the evening.
  • Drinks can be ordered and delivered by table-service only – do not go to the bar.
  • Put your £2 in the box as usual – exact money if possible.

[You can use this page to propose games or find players for Thursday evening. To start a new thread post a message in the box at the bottom of the page. To reply to someone else, first hit the 'reply' button beneath their message. If you cannot take up your booked place, let the organiser know so it can be released for someone else.]

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