Games this week

You can use this page to propose games or find players for Thursday evening. To start a new thread post a message in the box at the bottom of the page. To reply to someone else, first hit the ‘reply’ button beneath their message. If you cannot take up your booked place, let the organiser know so it can be released for someone else.

Please book in on a specific table.

Table 1 [Downstairs - Front Bar] -

Table 2 [Downstairs - Front Bar] -

Table 3 [Downstairs - Front Bar] -

Table 4 [Downstairs - Side room - Round Table] -

Table 5 [Downstairs - Side room] -

Table 6 [Upstairs]

Table 7 [Upstairs]

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10 Responses to Games this week

  1. Elsa says:

    Hi everyone! Pedro and I would like to book a table of possible please. Suggestions for games would be Castles of Burgundy or Orleans followed by a Finca or Garum. But we are open to other suggestions.
    Anyone interested? 2 places available. :-)
    Many thanks!

  2. Paul Dent says:

    Can I book a table for Last Aurora. Michael and I have played several two player, so now want to try at 4 player. It’s a genuinely tense race against time deck builder that was on Kickstarter last year. Think Mad Max for the theme!

  3. David K says:

    I’d like to bring in Eclipse (second edition) this week. 3 more spacefarers required.

  4. Dan Brownsill says:

    Oceans possibly followed by Lions of Lydia depending on how long Oceans takes. John, Keith and myself. Side room please. One more spot available. Sign up below.

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