Tournament – 2017

The games played this year were:

  • Power Grid
  • Concordia
  • Puerto Rico
  • Blood Rage
  • Voyages of Marco Polo

The scores in the league were: Anthony 42, Paul Dent 38, Ed 37, Daniel Morey 36, Dan Bate 36, Ian 35, Paul Jones 32, David Hughes 30, Olly 29, Paul Taberner 28, Steve 27, David-M 27, Keith 26, Dan Brownsill 24, James 18, Richard 17, David Kulling 14.

Scoring system for the league was: 4-player game 11-7-4-2,   3-player game 10-6-2 and 5-player game 12-8-5-3-2 [2pts were allowed for a bye, - one p.a. if no suitable date for all players could be arranged.]

Anthony, Paul, Ed and Daniel played in the final which was Concordia and it was won by Daniel with final scores of Daniel 135, Ed 124, Paul 90 and Anthony 88.

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