Who is who ?

by JohnFri, 10 Feb (Updated at Fri, 10 Feb)

Any chance we can get the list up of who is who. I don’t have a PC or laptop so can’t do the hover mouse over thing.

There a quite a few I can work out but some seem to be changing. For example I thought the only other J was Jon without an h who if I recall from last week when I played with him the icon was yellow. But this week there appears to be another J but this time in blue. So I’ve no idea if that’s someone new or Jon without an h has just changed his colour.

Overall the new look and interaction is good, but I do miss that on the old site you knew who was posting as their names were shown with the post.


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    For now this is going to look really clunky, but here's a list to start with... A (blue) - Anthony AH (yellow) - Andrew H AO (purple) - Andy O AM (purple) - Andrew Mason AM (grey) - Andrew Meachem AT (blue) - Andrew T DA (green) - David A DB (orange) - Dan Bate DB (purple) - Dan Brownshill DE (blue) - David E DH (black) - David H DK (orange) - David K DM (purple) - Dan M DM (red) - David M E (blue) - Ed E (green) - Elsa GD (black) - Graham I (black) - Ian J (blue) - James J (green) - John JD (yellow) - Jon D K (red) - Keith KC (green) - Karen M (red) - Michel P (green) - Pedro PD (purple) - Paul D PT (yellow) - Paul T R (yellow) - Robin RL (purple) - Richard L RR (green) - Richard RG S (green) - Sam S (blue) - Steve SC (purple) Simon C T (blue) - Tonksey
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      Thanks Robin. I’ve screenshotted it.
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        Looks like Dan has now added the names to show beneath the initials on the game detail windows too.