About the club

Newport Pagnell games club has been running since 2006.  The club meets every Thursday evening at the British Legion in Newport Pagnell, from 6.30-11PM. Most weeks, there will be 15-20 people playing a wide variety of board games, ranging from the short and simple (eg Ticket to Ride or Settlers*) to games that take a good deal of thought and the whole evening (eg Brass, Merchants & Marauders or Eclipse*). Typically the games are for 3-6 players, and many members just turn up and see what is available although some groups will have prearranged a game by email or signing up here.  It is all very flexible.

There is an optional £5 annual membership fee. Members contribute £2.50 each time they attend, and non-members £3. Your first visit is free, so you can see whether you like it. A bar is open all evening.

Each year, we run a tournament of 5-games, played over the course of the year. The games are arranged to suit peoples’ diaries and about half of the club members take part. Our members come from all around Newport Pagnell, including Milton Keynes, Bedford, Woburn Sands, Olney, Towcester, Kettering and Northampton. It is a really good way of meeting people who enjoy board games.

*If the names of these games mean nothing to you, you may be astonished at the wide range of brilliant and beautifully-designed board games that have been produced in the last 25 years. We would be delighted to introduce you to them.