Note on booking tables

by Club AdminSat, 1 Apr (Updated at Sat, 1 Apr)

With the carpet now down in the upstairs room, the club will normally use the front bar (as before) and the upstairs room. We will be using our new tables, which are stored in the upstairs room. There are 4 "standard" size tables (6' x 3') and 2 "large" tables (6' x 4'), along with the fixed table in the front bar.

Except for table 1, the tables can potentially be set up in either room. For the drop-down list, we have allocated the large tables to the upstairs room, as the standard tables will be easier to move. These are just the default locations - they can be rearranged if needed.

We are also aware that some people have found the upstairs room to be too noisy. We are looking at ways to improve the acoustics. In the meantime, if you do not want to play in the upstairs room, please specify a downstairs table if available. If not, put a note in the comments and we will find another table for you to swap with.