Playtesting a new game

by RobinSun, 14 May (Updated at Sun, 14 May)

Hi all - I have created a new game that I'd like to bring to the club for playtesting, if I can find some volunteers. A few of you may remember I did this a couple of years ago: that game worked reasonably well, but with a few clunky bits. This one has been thoroughly balanced online so I don't envisage any issues with it running too long or being "breakable" (famous last words). During online testing, I've really enjoyed the strategic challenge of this one - but mostly playing against myself, as my online group isn't cut from quite the same heavy-Euro cloth as you guys 🙂. So hoping to put it properly through its paces at the club.

It's a train game... no no, don't stop reading: it has the odd flashback to train games of old, but the mechanics are all new. This one is for train companies of the 21st century: it's about providing the illusion of good service to your passengers while cramming as many of them in as possible! There's still the network-building, fill-up-the-map bit, but it's the area control element that is unlike any other train game I've known, and makes this game into a strategic killer. I'll put in a link to the rulebook here and share some images - it's come out looking really great!

I'll list it on Looking To Play, provisionally for 25th July. Ideally I'd like to see if people can read the rules beforehand and play it without an intro from me - but failing that, just getting a group to play it would be good. Please reply here if interested either way. Of course, the one thing that I have absolutely no idea on from my online playtesting is how long it will take. Online we normally do it in 90min, but I'm guessing the physical copy will take longer.

Rulebook here:

Looks like I can't upload images here yet, so for images please see the BGG thread: