Games tonight

by SteveThu, 2 Feb (Updated at Thu, 2 Feb)

I’ve had no interest in Paris and David E in the same boat for Tramways. I can’t seem to de-list Paris and join Tramways but would be happy to do that. Suspect we need one more at least though. Anyone else attending without a game? David E are you intending to attend tonight?


  • R
    I can move across if no-one else signs up in the meantime. Hopefully I'll get another chance to play Vinhos in the next couple of weeks... Looks like David E is planning to be there based on his comments in Sabika. I had assumed the Paris game would drop off if you removed yourself from it - or does that not work?
    • I
      So it is not possible to delete a game as that runs the risk of deleting others. We can request a feature to allow this for only your own games which may take some planning. Robins suggestion maybe better where when there are no attendees it auto deletes.