Tournament Update

by RobinTue, 14 Feb (Updated at Tue, 14 Feb)

Following a couple of drop-outs from this year's entry list, there are now 12 players in the tournament. So we have had to revise the draw to feature 3 groups per round, rather than 4.

We have preserved the draw for Round 1 as far as possible: all groups who had already chosen a date to play have been preserved, and the players from the remaining group have been redistributed to fill the empty spaces in those groups. This has been done as randomly as possible given people's availability.

The remaining rounds have been re-drawn, using the assignment to groups in Round 1 as the initial seed. The new draw covers Rounds 1-4, so no-one will be eliminated from the league until after Round 4. This rearrangement also means that the random "Space Available" slots are no longer available.

The Tournament pages have been updated to reflect the new draw. The draw for Round 1 is below. These tournament games are also now in the In Queue section of the games page.

Group I - 2nd March
David K
Andrew H

Group II - 23rd Feb
Andrew T
David A
Paul T
Dan M

Group III - 23rd Feb
Paul D
David H


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    Thanks for sorting this out Robin.