Tournament 2012

The Games selected this year were:

  • Pillars of the Earth

  • In the Year of the Dragon

  • Puerto Rico

  • Age of Industry

  • Age of Empires – semifinal

Scores in the league were: David 31, John 28, Keith 28, Dan 26, Ben 25, Andre 21, Peter 21, Chris 21, Nigel 21, Paul Bonnet 20, Pete 18, Paul Dent 14.

All of the league games were arranged with 4-people, and the scoring system was 10, 7, 4, and 2 points for the 4-places.

The top 8 from the league played in the semi-finals (Age of Empires)  and Keith, Ben, Peter and Chris went through to play in the final game, Age of Industry, chosen by Keith.

The final was won by Chris Tyler on a tie-breaker with Andre. The final scores were:

Chris 31, Andre 31,  Keith 23 and Peter 21.