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2023 Tournament draw and initial seed. There are 12 entrants this year, so we will play as 3 groups of 4.

This type of draw (3 groups of 4 for 4 rounds) does not resolve as neatly as 4 groups of 4: everyone will necessarily play at least one other player twice, and it is not possible to ensure that everyone plays everyone else. See this thread for the "best" draw, which has been used. Where possible, we will try to ensure this balances out as far as possible in the draw for the last 8.

After the fourth game (Beyond The Sun), the bottom 4 players in the league have been removed. The draw for the 5th game has been determined so as to balance the number of times each pair of players meets as evenly as possible (ie. maximising the number of times people meet exactly once in the tournament, minimising the times any pair meets more than once).


A. David K, B. Robin, C. Andrew H, D. Karen, E. Andrew T, F. David A, G. Paul T, H. Dan M, I. Ian, J. Paul D, K. Ed, L. David H.