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The fifth round of the 2023 tournament is Autobahn by Fabio Lopiano and Nestore Mangone. Please aim to have your games played by Thursday 26th October 2023.

Copies of the game at the club

Please post under Tournament to let us know if you have a copy of the game. Currently we know of:

  • David E

  • Ed

  • Ian

Fixture List

The draw for the fifth round is below. Please agree within your group on a mutually suitable date; and schedule your game on Looking To Play.

This final "draw" has been determined so as to balance the number of times each pair of players meets as evenly as possible (ie. maximising the number of times people meet exactly once in the tournament, minimising the times any pair meets more than once). There is exactly 1 pair of players among the 8 remaining who will not meet in the 5-round schedule; and 2 pairs who will have met 3 times. This is the minimum possible for the specific 8 players who progressed to the fifth round.

Group I - 26th Oct
1. Robin - 92
2. Ed - 92
3. David A - 52
4. Paul D - 51

Group II - 26th Oct
1. Andrew H - 103
2. David H - 59
3. Ian - 51
4. Dan M - 36

Previous round: Beyond The Sun
See also League Table.