Tournament – rules

Rules for the 2024 tournament:

  1. 4 rounds will be played over the course of the year.

  2. In each of the 4 rounds, a specific game will be played during a given period, as voted on before the tournament starts.

  3. For each round, all players will be drawn into groups of 4. Each group is responsible for arranging a mutually suitable date to play the game.

  4. Players score league points for the position they finish in each game.

  5. League points allocation per game are 11, 7, 4, 2 in a 4-player game and 10, 6, 2 in a 3-player game (see also scoring).

  6. "Dropped scores": only the best 3 league scores from the 4 games will contribute to your final position in the league table.

  7. Where players are tied on league points, ties are broken in the following order:
    i. Most dropped points (per rule 6 above)
    ii. Most wins
    iii. Most 2nd places
    iv. Most 3rd places
    v. Most 4th places
    vi. Points vs game average (see scoring).

  8. After 4 games, the top 4 players in the league table will play one final game chosen by the player in 1st place. This game must be one of the previous 4.

  9. The winner of the final game will be declared the tournament winner and will win the cup and a prize.  There will also be prizes for the other 3 participants for getting to the final.

  10. If someone cannot make a game after you have agreed a date, you must either reschedule, play as a 3-player game or pull in any other club member and play as a 4-player game.

  11. A 3-player game will only be used if someone cannot make the scheduled game and no-one will fill in the spot.

  12. If someone cannot make their game, after the date has been agreed, they score 0pts.

  13. All those taking part must be part of the NPBGC Membership.